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Workshop Facilitator

Dominique Chiquet
President CAPS (Association For Children's Active Play & Sports)
Founder - Motor Skill Learning Academy, Switzerland

Dominque, is an accomplished former professional athlete, coach, educator, and sports program director. He is a Swiss Kindersport expert and Swiss Olympic Coach, possessing an extensive background in physical education (PE) for kindergarten-level students. With over three decades of experience teaching PE to kindergarteners, Dominque has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to construct a robust and effective Physical Education Curriculum. His vast knowledge and experience enable him to create highly adaptable activities that elicit an enthusiastic response from children. Additionally, Dominque is the founder of the Motor Skill Learning Academy in Switzerland, where he continues to promote physical activity and education for children. To know more you can use the links below

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Target Audience

  • Principals

  • School Owners

  • Preschool Teachers

  • Primary School Teachers

  • Education Consultants

  • PE Teachers

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Curriculum Developers

  • Parents

  • Education Enthusiasts

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Workshop Details

Dominique Chiquet's International Motor Skill Learning Certification Program is a comprehensive workshop that focuses on providing enjoyable and all-inclusive physical activities to build self-confidence, cooperation, fair play, and responsibility in children, while encouraging their motor skill development. With over 16,000 certified trainers worldwide, the workshop demonstrates over 200 developmentally appropriate hands-on games and activities. These activities aim to inspire and motivate children and can be easily incorporated into ongoing physical education programs.

This workshop is hands-on and movement-based, incorporating a stimulating assortment of fun-packed, educational games and ideas that not only focus on participation and involvement, but will also intrigue, engage, and motivate students for years to come. Some of the highlights of the workshop include learning how to incorporate different motor skill activities into lesson plans, understanding how to modify activities for children with varying abilities, and gaining insight into how to create a safe and enjoyable learning environment for all children. Participants will leave the workshop with new ideas, strategies, and practical resources to enhance their physical education programs and better serve the developmental needs of their students.

Workshop Details

Workshop Schedule

​Session 1:

  • The Importance of Motor Skill Development for Young Children's Sports Participation and Potential

  • Why Motor Skill Learning is Crucial for Children Rather than Just Exercise

  • From Motor Skills to Coordination to Sport-Specific Skills

  • The Role of Genetics and Experiences in Early Childhood Development

​Session 2:

  • Understanding Implicit Learning and Motor Skills

  • Designing Activities to Achieve Specific Learning Outcomes

​Session 3:

  • Progressions, Regressions, and Variations in Activities Using Simple Teaching Aids such as Pool Noodles and Ball on a String

​Session 4:

  • Structuring Your Lessons with The Motor Skill Learning System

  • Using a Development Stage, Versatility, Game-Based Approach, and Storytelling

​Session 5:

  • Creating Progressions, Regressions, and Variations with Hula Hoops

​Session 6:

  • Advantages of a Game-Based Approach

  • How to Create Games

  • Participants' Favorite Games and Top Games Using Simple Equipment (Part 1)

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