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Workshop Facilitator

Tuncer Ediz Toksoy
Level III Orff Schulwerk Trainer
Founder - BOMED (Body to Music Education Academy), Turkey

Tuncer Ediz Toksoy and his wife Esin Toksoy are children’s music educators with 20+ years of experience working in preschool classrooms with rhythmic music. Tuncer is a level 1,2,& 3 certified trainer by Orff Schulwerk. He is the founder of the BOMED a music program that he created and that he runs with his wife. They have developed their own unique approach to early childhood music education. In addition to teaching music to children, they also educate teachers on how to bring music into their classrooms with their popular teacher training workshops. Since 2006 they have trained over 12000 teachers and conducted over 400 workshops in 60 different cities in Turkey. To know more about BOMED you can use the links below




Target Audience

  • Principals

  • School Owners

  • Preschool Teachers

  • Primary School Teachers

  • Education Consultants

  • Music Teachers

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Curriculum Developers

  • Parents

  • Education Enthusiasts

Workshop Details

This early childhood music training workshop introduces preschool teachers to the power of play centered music and movement for children. The teachers get hands-on training with methods and materials and learn how to implement the activities with their students. This is a fun, interactive experience that takes the teachers step-by-step through the activities giving them tools and music that they will be able to use in their schools and classrooms.

After this course, participants will be able to:

  • Lead interactive music & movement groups with their students

  • Use interactive music activities to enhance the development of their students in the areas of phonemic development, physical development & social/emotional development  

  • Track their student’s development over time using music and movement activities

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