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The Art of Storytelling

Engage & Teach Young Learners

Using Stories

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Workshop Facilitator

Chip Colquhoun
Creative Director - Epic Tales

Since co-founding Snail Tales with Amy, Chip has performed in 7 countries, directed numerous heritage and theatrical productions, and written the EU guide to storytelling in schools. His other works include Cambridgeshire Folk Tales for Children and Who Made England?: the Saxon/Vikings Race to Create a Country, both published by The History Press; and also A Little Sport in Littleport, published by Babylon Arts. He also presents Life of the People for the Museum of English Rural Life.


Target Audience

  • Principals

  • School Owners

  • Preschool Teachers

  • Primary School Teachers

  • Storytellers

  • Education Consultants

  • Curriculum Developers

  • Parents

  • Education Enthusiasts

Audience and Lecturer

Workshop Details

The workshop will focus on "Engaging and Teaching Early Years with Storytelling: using Epic Tales' researched 'Imagination Investment' principles to ensure your children focus and learn in any subject."

Day 1 will explore...

• What is "Imagination Investment"?

• What is the evidence that this will benefit your children?

• What is the evidence that this will work with your children?

Day 2 will explore...

• What is "The Keyring of Engagement" and how do you use it?

• "Bigging It Up" for language development

Day 3 will explore...

• The 27 voices you can already do

• "Story Anchors" and how to use them

Day 4 will explore...

• Your storytelling "PARTI"!

• Creating the "Synergy Atmosphere"

Day 5 will explore...

• Using "Story-Led Learning"

• Finding stories to tell

• Helping your children become "Story-Led Thinkers"

Date: 13th July 2020 -17th July 2020

Timings: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Registration Fee: INR 2500

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