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Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Amin Gholami
Ph.D in Kinesiology
Facility Manager - Jump Gymnastics (Vancouver)
Vice - President CAPS (Association For Children's Active Play & Sports)

Dr. Amin Gholami, a Ph.D. graduate in Kinesiology, is a distinguished professional with a robust background in physical education. As a Visiting Professor at prestigious institutions like California University and Ottawa University, he has shared his expertise and enriched the academic landscape.

Currently, Dr. Gholami manages Jump Gymnastics Company in Vancouver, showcasing his practical prowess in creating conducive learning environments. Serving as Vice-President of the International Association of Children's Active Play and Sport (CAPS) since 2019, he actively promotes healthy play and physical activity for children worldwide.

Dr. Gholami's global impact is evident through his international workshops across countries such as Switzerland, Japan, Canada, and more. With a career seamlessly blending academia, practical application, and advocacy, he continues to shape the future of Kinesiology and inspire fellow professionals.

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Target Audience

  • Principals

  • School Owners

  • Preschool Teachers

  • Primary School Teachers

  • Education Consultants

  • Curriculum Developers

  • Music Teachers

  • PE Teachers

  • Parents

  • Education Enthusiasts

Group Lecture
Motivational Lecture

Workshop Details

Elevate your understanding of children's physical and cognitive development through the lens of rhythmic activities with Dr. Amin Gholami, a distinguished Kinesiology expert. This transformative workshop equips educators, physical activity professionals, and parents with innovative techniques to create engaging and purposeful rhythmic experiences tailored for children.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Understanding the Importance of Rhythmic Activities: Discover how incorporating rhythmic activities can enhance motor skills, coordination, and creativity in children.

  • Exploring Multisensory Learning: Learn to engage auditory, visual, and tactile senses for a comprehensive learning experience in rhythmic activities.

  • Designing Age-Appropriate Activities: Craft rhythmic experiences that align with children's developmental stages, fostering effective learning and growth.

  • Integrating Music and Movement: Uncover the synergy between music and movement, and explore methods to use music as a catalyst for rhythmic exploration.

  • Enhancing Cognitive and Social Skills: Explore the cognitive benefits of rhythmic activities such as memory and problem-solving, while nurturing social interaction and cooperation.

  • Practical Application and Hands-On Exercises: Immerse yourself in various applications of active rhythmic games, from brain breaks to team-building activities, and memory enhancement tools.

  • Integration into Subjects: Discover creative ways to weave active rhythmic games into subjects like mathematics, enhancing both learning and engagement.

  • Music Education Enhancement: Witness how active rhythmic games complement music education, transforming basic music skills into interactive learning journeys.

Workshop Details

Workshop Schedule

Session 1: Overview of Rhythmic Games and Developmental Impact

  • Exploring the Significance of Active Rhythmic Games in Enhancing Children’s Physical Literacy.

  • Examining the Holistic Developmental Benefits of Active Rhythmic Games (motor, social, emotional, and cognitive aspects).

Session 2: Crafting Engaging Rhythmic Game Experiences

  • Strategies for Designing Engaging Active Rhythmic Games with or without Equipment.

  • Innovating Active Rhythmic Games for Enriching Children and Parent Participation in Rhythmic Festivals.

Session 3: Integrating Rhythmic Games into the Classroom Routine

  • Techniques for Seamlessly Integrating Active Rhythmic Games within Regular Class Schedules.

  • Practical Implementation Ideas for Utilizing Rhythmic Games as Stimulating Active Brain Breaks.

Session 4: Rhythmic Games for Comprehensive Skill Development

  • Leveraging Rhythmic Games to Enhance Concentration and Cognitive Function in Children.

  • Designing Rhythmic Games to Promote Children’s Physical Fitness and Well-being.

  • Exploring Innovative Approaches to Foster Children’s Perceptual-Motor Development.

  • Strategies for Guiding Children in Acquiring Fundamental Music Skills through Rhythmic Engagement.


Fees & Inclusions

Workshop Fees: Rs. 6000
Sale Registration: Rs. 3500

Inclusions: Training, Certification, Music Files Used During Activities, Lunch

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